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What is optic neuritis


Optic NeuritisOptic neuritis is inflammation of the nerve that carries messages from the eye to the brain. While it is often an early sign of MS, not all people who have optic neuritis go on to develop the disease. Among the typical signs:

  • Blurriness, loss of sight, blankness in center of vision, dark or faded colors, and light flashes with eye movement.
  • Eye movement pain that usually subsides after a few days and varies from person to person. Pain that is severe and disrupts sleep might indicate another problem.
  • Symptoms that come on over a few hours or a few days. Sometimes, people wake up with affected vision.
  • With MS, optic neuritis tends to affect one eye, but can also affect both eyes simultaneously or one after the other.
  • Most people recover well from optic neuritis, with signs of improvement after three to four weeks.

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