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Heart Strings

Clay Walker guitar is gift of love

"Fall into these arms of mine
I’ll catch you every time you fall
Go on and lose it all
Every doubt, every fear, every worry,
Every tear
I’m right here
Baby fall"

When Teresa Rapozo first heard country music star Clay Walker sing those words, she cried. His new song, “Fall”, could have been written about her and her husband. “It epitomized for me how Pat has always been there for me with my MS,” she says. “I still get choked up when I hear it.”

Teresa with guitarThat song was just one more reason Pat couldn’t pass up the chance to bid on an acoustic guitar autographed by the artist, who has MS. Clay Walker had donated the guitar for silent auction at this fall’s National MS Society Conference in Dallas, and Pat wanted it for his wife.

He made an opening bid of $1,500, figuring it should get at least that much. Others bid against him. Pat came back and topped them. During dinner, he kept stealing away from their table to make sure he was still ahead.

“I think we have it now,” he finally said, after bidding $3,100.

When Teresa found out that Pat had won the guitar for her, she couldn’t help sharing with those around her how much that meant: everything.

The two were married four years ago after Teresa was diagnosed with MS. Pat goes with her to doctor’s appointments, gives her daily shots, and is her physical and emotional support when she needs someone to lean on, just like in the song.

The couple’s first introduction to Clay Walker was at a National MS Society Conference, where he was being recognized for his service to the MS movement. They own all his CDs, and last summer, drove seven hours round-trip to see him in concert in Lynden.

“It feels great to have one of his guitars, and even better knowing that the money went to the National MS Society,” says Pat.

The Society and the Greater Washington Chapter have provided Teresa with support, knowledge and friendship since she was diagnosed in 2000, and she has given back in turn. She’s an MS Ambassador for the Chapter and the MS movement, facilitates a self-help group, serves on the Chapter’s Government Relations Committee, captains a Walk MS team (Team OptiMStic) and serves on the Society’s National Programs Advisory Council.

One thing Teresa doesn’t do is play guitar.

The instrument - with Clay’s signature clearly visible on the shiny golden body - will be displayed in their home, a warm reminder of an act of love.

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